On-demand Aruba Boost unified WAN optimization

Speed up applications and maximize available bandwidth when and where it is needed。

Speed up your application with Aruba Boost

As the distance between different locations in the WAN increases, application performance degrades。Aruba Boost is an optional WAN optimization package that improves the performance of delay-sensitive and data-intensive applications。
  • Application acceleration:TCP and other protocol acceleration technologies can significantly reduce application response time by mitigating the adverse effects of latency。
  • Data reduction:Data compression and deduplication speed up data-intensive applications by preventing repeated transfers of duplicate data。

WAN optimization and sD-WAN construction in a single unified SD-WAN edge platform

Cloud Deployment

EdgeConnect instances with Boost can be deployed in IaaS to maximize available bandwidth and reduce cloud usage costs。Certified by AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure。

Automated application acceleration

Shorten application response times and maximize available bandwidth -- accelerate delay-sensitive applications, perform lightning-fast backups and file transfers, and provide a consistent quality of experience。

Enable Boost WAN Optimization with a single click

On-demand applications provide continuous visibility

Achieve flexibility and fast time-of-service through centralized visibility and management solutions -- one-click ultra-fast deployment, on-demand Boost application where and when needed, and real-time tracking of bandwidth savings within the Aruba Orchestrator。

The Industry's Only Unified SD-WAN Edge Platform

Unified WAN optimization

Streamline OPERATIONS and peacekeeping management through a single platform that can unify SD-WAN and WAN optimization -- centralizing resource deployment, eliminating legacy equipment and improving IT operations and peacekeeping management efficiency。

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform

Unity EdgeConnect

Aruba EdgeConnect

You can use EdgeConnect to provide consistent and predictable application performance, as well as the highest quality voice and video experience, across a variety of transport service combinations。

Screen of Boost

Aruba Orchestrator management

The Orchestrator is the brain of the EdgeConnect platform, enabling enterprises to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and manage applications in the WAN。

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